Our White Label products hit multiple strategic marketing objectives. All our games are suitable for consumer, trade and staff audiences.

Our White Label Service:

  • Fully managed and hosted by us
  • Dedicated account manager to leverage best results from your project
  • English language customer service for game players at no additional cost
  • Technical Support around the clock
  • Real time reporting – your own online log in to check live game stats 24 hours a day
  • Fully branded customisation
  • Multi-Lingual game versions

The Strategic Benefits:

  • Full Branding
  • Data capture
  • ‘Talk’ directly to target audience
  • Unique success related pricing structure
  • Build an on-line community, unite fans
  • Customer loyalty and retention to website
  • Increased site traffic
  • Viral Campaign
  • Deliver a campaign on a local, national or global level.

The best way for us to explain how our products deliver on these objectives is through our client case studies.


Fantasy Sport or DreamTeam Games

CASE STUDY: ESPN Star FC Manager Target Audience: Consumer

ESPN Star FC Manager

ESPN Star set out with the objective of engaging a football community for the length of the season and generating revenue from the site traffic. The fantasy football game has built a loyal database of football fans who return to the site week after week. Using friendster and facebook applications, along with a WAP mobile site to extend the community through social networking and viral awareness are just some of the tools we have employed to achieve this. The account management team have worked closely with the client to build additional elements into the white label game to ensure it continues to meet changing strategic objectives.

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CASE STUDY: Allianz Fantasy F1 Target Audience: Financial Intermediaries

Allianz Fantasy F1

Allianz GI use the fantasy f1 game to leverage their corporate presence and sponsorship within the sport. It delivers successfully on brand awareness and retaining a loyal community of financial intermediaries for the length of the formula 1 season. With races every couple of weeks, the users visit the site regularly giving the client the opportunity to cross-promote products to an already engaged audience.

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Tipping or Predictor Games

CASE STUDY: Vodafone New Zealand NRL and Super 14 tipping Target Audience: Consumer

Vodafone New Zealand NRL and Super 14 tipping

Vodafone use the tipping and fantasy games to leverage their sponsorship within rugby. We worked with them to build added content into their fans community website, increasing traffic and giving the fans a reason to come back to the site before and after every match. The simple format of the tipping game reduces the barriers to entry to the 'armchair' fan, giving them a quick and easy way to engage with sport. A weekly email campaign ensures that fans are 'talked' to even when they don't visit the site, ultimately driving them back to the site.

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Trading Games

CASE STUDY: NineMSN Celebrity 'Fixated' Trading Target Audience: Consumer

NineMSN Celebrity 'Fixated' Trading

Unlike our traditional fantasy sport games, the concept behind this product is similar to the hugely popular BBC celebdaq, earning cash out of your stock! Hugely addictive, and appealing to a wide reaching audience, the site built up a loyal community, delivering a large volume of page impressions over a sustained period of time.

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Multi-Lingual Games

CASE STUDY: 100 Pipers World Cup Fantasy Football Target Audience: Asia Regional

100 Pipers World Cup Fantasy Football

The flexibility of the White Label product enables us to run a single game in several languages, increasing the penetration of the game to a larger audience. The league structure allows for the segmentation of a large market into regional audiences, who can be communicated to in their local language both on the website and via email.

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CASE STUDY: El Mundo Deportivo - Spanish fantasy F1 & Football Target Audience: Spanish Consumer

El Mundo Deportivo - Spanish fantasy F1

Working with a print partner to cross pollinate online content with print, the UK team fully manage and service several games in Spanish language as part of a wider Fantasy Sports campaign.

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